Watching Barry

Bonds200Barry Bonds is in town so Milwaukee is buzzing, especially as he gets closer to the home run record. We?re all baseball fans in our clubhouse, so there?s a little added interest among players, too. I guess it will be interesting to see how much he plays while he?s here. If he hits one tonight, for example, I don?t know if he?ll be in the lineup on Saturday and Sunday.

I noticed that the Cubs had record crowds when Barry was in Chicago. Barry or no Barry, we?ve been getting big crowds in Milwaukee, especially for the weekends. I?d imagine we?ll have sellouts with Barry in town.

I?ve followed Barry?s career pretty closely over the last 10 years while playing against him. We?re both left-handed hitting left fielders in the NL so we have at least that in common.

But I?ve been watching Barry a lot longer than that. Growing up in Sacramento, the teams we followed were the A?s and Giants. I?ve followed every step of his career. He?s been a joy to watch as a fan and a player. His run has been unbelievable and, now, to see him this close to the all-time home run record is mind-boggling.

I?m excited for him. Barry has had a magnificent career and who knows if he?ll even play next year, so the games playing against him this season are kind of special for us. Since I?ve been in the Major Leagues, I?ve always had a great relationship with Barry. From Day One, he?s always been really friendly and joked around with me. I?ll never forget playing with him on the All-Star team in ?03 when I got a chance to talk to him for a long time about hitting. I imagine he?s got to be pretty satisfied right now.


I?ll never have anything bad to say about the man. Barry?s always been great to me and the guy is the best player I?ve ever seen.


I had a nice restful All-Star break back home in Phoenix. As expected, it was hot in Arizona ?- I think it went up to about 106 degrees ?- but it could have been worse. It was even hotter the week before. Someone told me it was up to 114.

So I didn?t exert myself too much. I had some friends over for a little barbeque, went in the pool and just really relaxed. I didn?t do too much of anything. A little R&R never hurts.


SheetsAs for our club, we?ve won our first two series since the break and we?re right where we need to be. We?re playing well, especially at home. Everyone?s a little nervous about losing Sheeter for a little while. I?m guessing we?ll be without him for about a month. It?s natural to be concerned. Benny is our horse and we definitely need him as often as he can get out on the mound.

The positive I take from the situation is that Benny will get some rest for his whole body -? not just his finger. His legs, his shoulder and his elbow will be strong and ready for that stretch run when he gets back. We?ll have him well-rested and at full strength.

In the meantime, Yovanni Gallardo is going to do a great job filling in while Benny is out. He?s a strike thrower, he?s got great stuff and he also has tremendous poise on the mound. He?s only 21 and he made his first big-league appearance only a month ago, but he doesn?t seem fazed stepping into this role at all. He?s a competitor.


BrewersAs you can imagine, this is turning into a really fun season for all of us on the Brewers. It?s just a lot more fun being the hunter instead of the huntee for a change. I?ve never really been on a contending team this late in the season. It?s been a long time since this organization has contended and we want to make the most of it. As someone who?s been around for a while, I can tell you that these opportunities don?t come around very often.

But it?s still way too early to get caught up in the standings or talk of a pennant race. That stuff is irrelevant right now. We just need to keep doing what we need to do, which is win ballgames.

When it gets to September you wouldn?t be human if you?re not watching the standings. But there?s plenty of baseball to be played between now and then. We need to keep focused on getting prepared and winning ballgames on a day-to-day basis. The key is playing well enough in July and August that we?ll be interested in looking at those standings come September.



    Thanks for your comments about Barry. It’s nice to hear something from a player’s perspective.

    Also, thanks for staying in Milwaukee all of these years. It’s been a pleasure to watch you play — just like you watched Barry!!

    I’m upset that I’m in DC for this spectacular season (my family cites it as the reason for your success, but I don’t know about that…) But, you’re sure making it fun to be a Brewers fan. Best of luck this weekend!


    I know you can never answer the way I think that you’d want to, but why weren’t you the pinch-hitter in the 9th inning tonight?

    I get the fact that you’ve got more pop in your bat and that if it came down to a home run to tie/win it, you’d get the call, but the bottom line is that we had to get to that point first. You’re a lot better option than Gross in that situation.

    Anyway, keep up the good work on the field and on the blog. Hope to meet you one day this season.

    Adam “Big” Rygg


    I have never liked Barry Bonds and never will. His attempt at a home run record is a sham.

    I think it was stated best on the t-shirt of a lady at Miller Park on Friday:




    hey jenks
    keep up the good work dude. i noticed you just changed your bats the other day, do you think that maple is better? or did you just want to try something new? i’m really excited to see us at the top! take it easy man.



    First of all i just have to say that in the 5 years that I’ve been a Brewers fan, you have always been my favorite player. I appreciate it that you’ve stuck with the team for so long; it’s great to watch you do your thing out in left field.
    I never really liked barry, but it was interesting to hear what you had to say about him. I suppose those of us who don’t know him personally can’t judge his character off the field. I still don’t really think he deserves to break the home run record, but i do respect him for how much work he’s put into his career. He didn’t get any homers this time around in Milwaukee, but i suppose we’ll see what happens.

    Good luck with the rest of the season. can’t wait to see us win it all!



    I moved to Green Bay due to a family illness. I grew up in the LA area and have been a die-hard Dodger fan since I was 6 years old. Having been here for 2 years now I have become a die-hard Brewers fan. I have been to 13 games so far this season. Your team has amazing talent and if it comes down between you guys and the Dodgers I will back my new team in Wisconsin that has brought so much to me. I love watching you play Jenkins. Thank you for some great baseball. As for Bonds, I don’t know how anyone can respect him. He is an arrogant *****. He treats fans like **** and he is full of himself. The fact that Major League Baseball will soon let a juiced up cheating ****** into the books is a dark day for baseball, and an insult to Hank Aaron–a true baseball hero.


    Wow, this site blocks out profanity! I didn’t know that a feminine cleansing product with a French name of origin that starts with the letter ‘D’is a bad word. So why wasn’t “Bonds” struck out with hash marks…because the two mean the same thing.


    Watched you play 7/21–sorry that it didn’t end up a win; would have been a nice birthday present for you. Glad to see that turned around tonight. Too bad the hype for Barry was so big that no one commented that it was your birthday Saturday. I would think that in a world where players stay with a team for only 3-4 years for various reasons that someone who has spent their whole career so far (10years) could at least get a “happy birthday>


    Hey Jenkins, love getting seats in the Jungle. Keep tossing balls up there too. A couple of times I swear you were looking straight at me, but some big giraffe of a dude always seems to steal by ball. Anyways, it’s good to hear something positive for Barry. Steroids or not in 96′ he became the 2nd player ever to get a 40/40, and even if steroids influenced his game, he would still be a top 10 player of all time with the way he slaughters the ball. Go Brewers!!! We’re all ready for the playoffs baby!


    Well Geoff, you proved ir again. Why you are not in the lineup everyday blows my ming. You have by far the best arm on the club to say nothing of the clutch hitting often for for extra bases, The fact of not only s veteran, but a proven veteran getting slivers on his behind is probably my only complaint on Ned Yost. Go get ’em Geoff


    So, what’s this about Prince getting suspended? What kind of **** is that? Prince never made contact with that umpire and he was walking away. That stupid arrogant a** umpire was following Prince back to the dugout AND THEN ejected him.

    There is no reason for Prince to be suspended. Umpire’s these days think the fans come to the games to watch THEM. How do you guys deal with umpires like that?


    Congrats on becoming 2nd all time in Brewer Home Run’s! You are a true class act and represent all that is good in baseball. The Brewers would be foolish to not give you the option next year. I personally would boycott next season if that would happen. Thanks for playing the game the right way and for all the memories. Get Back On Track Brewers!


    Hey, Jenks! “Cactus League Bandit” here! (you see me at Spring Training, a-shaggin, ana graphin’).

    Congrats on your walk-off HR, and thanks for all them BPHR’s at Maryvale Baseball Stadium! (remember the uphill sno-cone catch a couple of seasons ago?) Sorry I couldn’t make Spring Training this season, had some personal training setbacks, but should be good to go in ’08! (sorry2)

    Nice comments about Barry (ASU) Bonds, and the Brewers Players and season so far( We are rooting for you guys to win it all!!!).

    Saw Bill Hall on Baseball This Week, sayin that he “don’t dance”, along with some other players around the league. Well, since you guys are so accommodating to us fans with autographs and our communities with your outside the game services, I thought Bill and the other players might be able to handle some friendly advice. As “scary as it is”, Ladies really like to dance with us guys! It’s not to bad, after they say yes when you ask a pretty Lady to dance, and sometimes, they even will want to see you again! As for the married guys, dancing with your better half can ease lots of bumps in the relationship! Really! Ask my Dad!

    Looking forward to seeing you at Chase field next week, and have a blessed day and beyond, randy, family, and Associates.

    P.S. Tell the guys that my www website is active on several browsers, and can be found at: TOR-EGGS-TOR DESIGN SOLUTIONS with CLOSED-NETS; and we are looking for comments and feedback at this time.


    are you done blogging? i’d like to hear how the team is doing through this exciting time of games. thanks dude!


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