Still in first place


Luckily, the other teams in our division didn?t capitalize when they had a chance. We were able to hold our ground and now it?s time to get back to our winning ways. Winning three out of four games from the Marlins was a good start.

Brewers300_1It wasn?t that we were playing that poorly. We were just on the wrong end of some close games for a while there, particularly when we were out West. We didn?t really get blown out by anybody. One game we might not get the great pitching and the next we might not get the clutch hit we needed.

So many times in baseball a game will turn on one pitch or one hit at an opportune time. That just didn?t happen for us during that stretch. Plus, you need to give credit to our opponents sometimes. New York, Philly, LA and San Diego all had some really strong pitching performances against us.

Plus, we weren?t playing our best baseball when we were going through those cities. If we had been playing like we were earlier in the season, the results might have been a little different. Baseball has ups and downs.

But the good news is that we?re still in first place and we?ve maintained our lead in the division despite having that rough stretch. We just have to keep going now.


We never lost sight of our objectives during that rough stretch. We have a resilient group of guys in our clubhouse. We have a core group that?s pretty young and talented, but we also have some veteran guys and some guys who have really been around for a while like Damian Miller and Craig Counsell and Tony Graffanino.

We have super clubhouse. We have a lot of fun together and enjoy ourselves and each other. That makes for some pretty good team camaraderie on a daily basis. Nobody is getting themselves worked up looking at the standings; we?re just having fun playing baseball.

FielderBelieve it or not, Prince Fielder has become the guy in the clubhouse who really keeps things loose these days. He?s got an unbelievable personality. He?s got this infectious laugh ?- I?m laughing right now just thinking about it ?- that takes over the room. He keeps it light, always joking around — up until it?s time to get to work. He takes the game as serious as anyone.

Prince has done well ever since he got here. But this last month or so has been the best we?ve seen from him so far. He had 13 home runs and 28 RBIs. Every time I looked up, it seemed like he was on base or circling them. We know he?s a special player, but last month, for the first time, there really was that "wow" factor.

Prince is getting better every day, especially as a hitter. He?s a superstar in the making and he?s going to become one of those guys whom you can depend on for 40 homers every season. He?s level-headed, too.

But none of this is really a surprise. The first time I ever saw him in big-league camp, you could see it then. He had the mechanics already. He was never wide-eyed about playing in the big leagues or going to big crowded stadiums or facing a certain pitcher. He?s just a confident guy and knows how to go about playing the game.


Young_and_restless_logo Obviously, everyone?s heard by now about four of our guys -? Chris Capuano, Bill Hall, J.J. Hardy and Jeff Suppan ?- filming an episode of ?The Young and the Restless? soap opera. Rest assured those guys have gotten an earful from the rest of us in the clubhouse about it.

They all had fun doing it, though, and from what I?ve heard, nobody really screwed up and everybody got their lines right.  But we?ll see. We?re kind of looking forward to getting a tape of the show. We?ll all take a glance at it and I?m sure that will start a whole new round of razzing.

My mom, while I was growing up, used to watch ?Days of Our Lives? so I watched that once in a while, but I can?t say that I?ve ever watched ?The Young and the Restless.?  Who knows, though? Maybe I?ll get hooked on the show after watching my teammates?


Lastly, thanks for all of the suggestions I?ve received for naming the blog. I?m beginning to go through them. Keep sending them in and keep rooting for the Brewers.

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    Geoff, keep up the great work. It was great to see you hit #200, I’ve been a fan for a while.

    Which is why I hated to sit over the left field wall in San Diego and jaw at you the entire game the Saturday of the series. But you know, the things we do for our teams.

    You responded like a true class act – two great catches and a home run – and if you could even hear us, I hope you had a good time with it.


    Geoff, you seem like a really good guy…

    It’s too bad you’re about to be swept by the Cubs πŸ˜‰

    But seriously, this should be a great series, and I’m looking forward to watching some exciting baseball!


    Geoff, awesome catch today in the Cubs game. Good luck with the blog, I can’t wait for more updates!


    Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the fantastic playing–I’d like to see the brewers take that division.


    Geoff, I saw you a play your first game when you were starting out your pro career in Helena, Mt. The fire you showed in San Diego(when you were tossed) got me and my dad fired up and thought that was pretty cool! The umps were so inconsistant with the strike zone that game. Good job the next day when you hit the HR! You deserve a winner Jenks for sticking around when the crew had some down years. You’ll go down with all the brewer greats I grew up with(Yount, Molly, Coop, Thomas, etc). Good luck the rest of the way and beat those ******** cubs!


    hey Jenkins! you are my favorite player! i was sad that you guys lost 2 out of 3 to the cubs. but you all tried. You had an amazing catch though the first game. When you got hit with the pitch…that must have hurt a lot. well i am glad the brewers are doing so well because we have a really good team this year. i am looking forward to going to many of the games. Keep playing great. i can’t wait until June 20th when the Young and the Restless episode comes on. I am glad that we are such a tight knit team and you guys get along so well. I think it helps with you guys win games. The Cubs are good but one player giving another player stitches i just don’t see this years Brewers team doing that. Good luck with all your other games!
    ~your #1 fan


    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I really appreciate that you come out, and play hard every day. As a long time Brewer fan, I’ve had to watch many guys mail it in. I’ve also seen a lot of guys bolt when they reached free agency. You didn’t. You re-signed with us. I’ve watched you play hard in many meaningless Septembers for too many years. I’m glad this year you will get to play hard in a September that means something. You deserve it.

    You’re a class act.


    Hey Geoff how about you don’t go into a two month slump this season. It’s looking about that time thou.


    Hey Jenks,
    Love the blog. I am so happy you have chosen to take the time to enlighten us diehard fans with great stories and updates about the team we have all grown up watching and loving. We’ve all been through those roller coaster seasons with you all and I know I am looking forward to a fantastic summer and fall. Thank you for the updates on here, I will continue to read fervently. Congrats to you and the rest of the guys on a great start so far. Good luck in detroit, we’re pulling for ya!


    oh yeah and as far as a name for this blog…. hmmmm…… how about “welcome to the jungle” as in geoff’s jungle… i don’t know i’m kinda tired. anywho, good luck and good night.


    Hey Geoff, if I had 9 million bucks I’d pick up your option.

    But I think you made a typo: when does “no one really screw” on the Young and the Restless?


    I think the whole team has a MAGIC to it, you have always been my favorite player. This year just seems so much better then the some of the years past. When we get into the palyoffs, this city will ROCK!


    You hit, you catch, you throw, you blog. What don’t you do? I can’t believe you find the time to write so well while playing so well!

    Speaking of blog names, Your Junction and Jungle seem have moved about the outfield. My idea is kinda from “left field” would you have it: Geoff’s Home Brew. I mean you blog is tasty and refreshing with of course full body- everything one would want in a good brew.

    See you from the rails or bleachers when you come home Monday.


    Great blog, Geoff and that was a **** of a grand slam last night. It’s been a crazy season so far, but you guys are keeping it running full steam. Keep up the good work!


    congrats on the big grand slam, that was awsome! you guys are hitting the ball really well right now. i’m very impressed on how well everyone bounced back from the no-hitter, but then again i dont think anyone could of hit that junk verlander was throwing. keep up the great work dude!


    Hey Geoff
    Great job so far in the season. Seeing that grand slam against the Twins on Friday night was truly awesome. Keep up the good work and GO BREWERS!


    I loved that grand slam as well, I was there for the Friday and Saturday games and luckily the Brewers won both, I was impressed with how many Brewer fans there were there and when we were high fiving outside the stadium, all the Twins fans could do was insult us. Anyways, that was an awesome comeback Sunday even though you lost, shows a lot of heart, and Prince Fielders inside the parker was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but he didnt give up. But good luck the rest of the way


    When a large number of fans were trying to “dump” you last year I truthfully stuck with you. I’ve always appreciated how you played all out and that type of effort is a shining example of how the game should be played. I have followed the Brewers religiously since they came from Seattle. I could be a Twins convert living in western Wisconsin and I look forward to the annual trek to Milwaukee this Sunday to pull for a Brewer win!!!


    I have always been a fan of yours, but I have a seven year old who thinks your the greatest, and he predicted your slam at Minnesota last week. We will be coming to a game soon, and it would mean the world to him if he could get your autograph when we come down. Would that be a possibility?


    Hi Geoff,
    My husband came home last night and asked, “What’s the name of that guy you were friends with back in high school in CA who now plays MLB?” And I said, “Geoff Jenkins?” To which he replied, “Yeah, him! He’s **** good!” πŸ™‚ I guess he must have seen you hit your 200th home run…or your grand slam against his father’s beloved Texas Rangers! πŸ™‚ Congrats! And just an overall congratulations on your great career amd family. It’s fun to think about watching you play at the ballpark at Cordova and cheerleading for you on the sidelines of the football field and basketball court. When I think of you though, I’ll always picture you with your little, red, low-rider pick-up truck. πŸ™‚ I wish you continued success in all aspects of your life. It’s neat to be able to say, “I knew you back when…”

    The Brewers are lucky to have you! Keep up the good work!


    Amy Miller Haddock

    Lubbock, TX


    Glad to see you part of “the crew” for all these years. Reminds me of the staying power of Yount. I have been a fan since I was old enough to remember. (I remember being a kid in Milwaukee and watching the games in 82′ in the “tavern” with my family.) Hope one day my children will say they have fond memories of the Brewers. I made it to a game against the Cubbies and the Twins this season at Miller Park. Can’t wait to see you guys 7/21 against San Fran. Good Luck!!!


    Always great to read your blogs. You guys have great team chemistry and I am rooting everyday either watching it on tv, listening on the radio, or at Miller Park cheering you guys on. A suggestion for your blog name: Geoff’s Clubhouse Chatter.

    Nate Gilberts, Prairie du Chien, WI


    Geoff —
    Thanks for the great treat on Wednesday! My children went with their YMCA day camp to the game. It was a huge deal for them — the game was very exciting (although they had to leave in the 8th and missed the big finish) — and I hope you heard their section when they were cheering “GO GEOFF — GO GEOFF” and doing a little dance! (this little song and dance now continues at home when you are up to bat) Just wanted to let you know that they really loved it and had a great time.


    Hi Geoff,

    Congratulations on the great year that both you and the Brewers are having. Our family have been Brewers fans since the team moved here from Seattle. I remember the great fun we had when we surprised the kids with tickets to the playoff and World Series games back in ’82. Our son was only 10 years old back then, but we sure have some great memories!

    Now it’s time to create some new memories with our grandsons! Best of luck to you and the Brewers the rest of the year, and see you in the World Series!!

    P.S. I love your blog! What a great way to keep the fans up to date on the team and to hear what the fans have to say.

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