We?re beginning to come around again


My 200th home run turned out to be a memorable one. It was fun to hit it in an important situation. It was a three-run homer that tied the game, and the team definitely needed a jolt at that point. I consider that part of my job description, so it just felt good to come through when we really needed it.

While the milestone home run was obviously something I?ll never forget, the run-scoring single I hit down the left-field line in the bottom of the seventh inning of Sunday?s game was probably even more crucial because it put us ahead and left the game to our bullpen, and I love our bullpen in a situation like that.

Jenkins300_1It was big because we had just lost a few tough games on the road trip to some pretty tough teams — the Mets and Phillies -? and then the first two at home against the Twins. So the timing was right. I think the home run helped wake everybody up.

That last road trip was difficult, though. We went up against some very good pitchers who threw the ball well against us. We got ?walked off? a couple times in Philly in games that could have easily turned the other way. But that?s baseball. You have to give them credit. Cole Hamels in particular pitched an unbelievable game against us, so it looks like he?s the real deal.

Over the course of the season, we?re going to lose some tough games. The important thing is having the confidence and the ability to bounce back and keep going. But it looks like we?re beginning to come around again in recent days.

Hopefully, we?ve gotten past a difficult stretch. We had another big offensive game on Monday night against the Dodgers before last night?s game, which was more of a pitcher?s duel.


Before I forget, I want to give a special thanks to all of the Milwaukee fans out who treated me so well over the weekend when I hit my 200th home run. The fans? reaction will never be forgotten. Brewers fans have been great with me for 10 years now. They?re pretty special and it meant a lot to me.

Hitting the home run in front of the home crowd made it so much better. The club posted a big congratulatory sign on the scoreboard and the fans gave me a nice ovation. Having it come at home as part of an exciting win was very gratifying, to say the least.

It?s also one of those things that allows you to take stock in your career a little, too. It made me recall my first home run. It was in ?98 against Orel Hershiser in San Francisco, my third at-bat of the game. I just remember wanting to get back to the dugout so fast that I sprinted around the bases.


Jenkins200The win, together with the milestone home run, made for a pleasant trip out here to the West Coast. The trainers and staff gave me a couple of bottles of champagne that I shared with the team on our bus ride to the hotel on the way in. It?s nice to be recognized by the people you work with every day. It kind of validates all of the hard work and effort you put in on the field. It was real nice that they?d do something like that for me.

But the celebrating ended on Sunday night because we have another tough road trip out here, facing the first- and second-place teams in the NL West. In the first game against LA, our bats were working again, which is a good sign. Rickie Weeks had four hits and Prince Fielder had a couple home runs.  It was like the offense we had in the first 40 games. Everybody contributed with a walk or a hit. That was more representative of the team we?ve been like this year.

Last night?s game was more of a pitcher?s duel and we wound up on the wrong side of it. But you can?t really expect sweeps on the road, especially when you?re playing the good clubs we?ve played recently. If we can win two out of three in a series like this, that?s fine. Then we can take care of business at home.


Uscbanner2 Coming to the West Coast is always like a homecoming for me, too. I grew up in Sacramento, but I went to USC so I get to see a ton of people I know at the games. That?s always a pretty cool for me when I come out here. You don?t get to see all of these people very often, so it?s extra special when you do have the chance to visit with them a little.

One of the great parts about a career in baseball is the big circle of friends that the game gives you. You establish long-lasting friendships with former teammates and coaches and other folks from every stop along the way. It?s a pretty cool thing.

Surprisingly, on this trip I?ll be visiting with a lot more people when I get to San Diego than here in Los Angeles. Maybe a lot of folks have moved down there? Regardless, everyone seems to come around when I get out West. I have family and friends coming in from Sacramento, too.

You try not to let any of that off-the-field stuff affect how you go about your business, though. As baseball players we have a lot of different things to deal with off the field -? media, family obligations, whether you?re playing well or struggling ?- but you learn to compartmentalize a little bit.

You want to visit with everyone, but at some point, you need to put it aside. It?s hard, but you learn over the years that you have to say "No" once in a while and keep your priorities in order. And the priority now is winning games.


Finally, I thought it would be fun to ask Brewers fans to help me give a name to my new blog. I?m OK with "Jenks? Joint," but I?d like to hear from some of the creative people who might have a good idea, so post away and let?s see what you come up with. I?ll review them and see if I find one I like.

Until next time,


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  1. Steve


    A few thoughts for your blog’s name:

    1) “Left, Left, Left, Right, Left” – the positions you go between as you march towards the postseason.

    2) “I’m Not Brett Favre” – referring to the resemblance between the two of you.

    3) “Trojan Horse” – referring to your stay at USC and the fact that you are leading your team into battle as the veteran leader.

    4) “Brew Meister Geoff” – You are a Brewer right?

    5) “Jeff with a G” – referring to the spelling of your name.

    6) “Trade Mench Instead” – referring to the potentially uncomfortable trade deadline.




  2. aaron@halbergengineering.com


    I’m so happy for you and the team at what you’re achieving this year as a team. Living in Hayward (up north!), I don’t get to as many games as I’d like, but my wife and I and our three kids (7, 5, and 3) were fortunate enough to be at Miller Park Sunday to scream and jump along with you for your 200th HR! Congratulations and thanks for the awesome thrill!

    This season must be great for you after being with the Brewers through several promising, yet disappointing seasons. My idea for your Blog name is “High Five”, as a slogan for how you (#5) are feeling this season with the awesome team you guys have and in honor of the numerous times you’ve had cause to celebrate with such a motion. Here’s to many more to come!

    Aaron Halberg

    Hayward, WI

  3. farve_4_more@yahoo.com


    I have been watching you forever and even though i wasn’t watching the game when i herd Ucker say its outa here. I could just see it and thanks for every thing you have done for Milwaukee and the club.

    Name: 200 Club

  4. juttke5@hotmail.com


    I don’t have a suggestion for your blog. However, I do want to say that whatever you did during the off season was great! You have been amazing and it’s great to see you as a huge contribution to the team.

    Congratulations on the 200th HR. Keep up the great work. Watching the team has been so exciting so far this season!


    Oak Creek

  5. troyw@uihlein-wilson.com

    Jenkins Connects (?)
    I thought that might be a good name for your blog, as this is another great way you’ve been connecting for Brew Crew fans over the last decade. Admittedly I got down last year, but am very happy to see you and the team excelling this year. You’ve been a great example in perseverance and positive attitude (as well as a great player) over the years and here’s to continued success!



  6. cenglish@crescentpark.com

    Or, since I can remember hearing it all summer back in Rancho Cordova when you were spraying the ball all over Cordova park, I thought…….

    “Geoff’s Grunts” would be fitting. Although a lifetime Reds fan, I have been so lucky to watch you since you were brought up. And with the Brew Crew and my Reds playing so many games each year, it’s even better that an old school mate of mine is representing his team with the kind of leadership that is missing in MLB. Although living in Cincinnati now, I still root for you buddy. If we can’t make it this year, I know all of us redlegs would love to see the Brewers go all the way! Congats on the milestone Geoff, you make me proud to be a fellow Lancer! Keep up the Grunting too!

    Chris English

  7. iamdav@yahoo.com

    Hey Geoff –

    First off, I was ecstatic to hear on the radio your 200th home run. I’m a life-long Brewers fan now in Houston, and I come see you and the Crew play whenever you’re in town. In fact, I remember one game last year after I was cheering a Brewers home run at Minute Maid Park. An Astros fan in front of me turned around and asked me, “What state is Milwaukee in, anyway?” I’m moving closer to home this summer (northern IL), so I can’t wait to cheer you on at home again.

    I’m glad to see you still in a Brewers uniform, and I love reading your blogs. One idea for a blog name: how about the Left Field Ledger? I know it doesn’t mention you by name, but we all know who you are, anyway!

    Take care, and GO BREWERS!

    Dave G.

    Houston, TX

  8. pepsimax99@gmail.com

    A few suggestions, Jamba Jenks, Way Out of Right Field, The G-Spot. But I think we’re all cool w/ the joint.

    I’ve always been a fan, but I hold my breath everytime you get to strike two. Dont get me wrong, we love the aggressive approach. I was at the game where you nearly hit for the cycle, how many times do you relive that moment in your head?? If that ball hit the top of the wall instead of going over, that was going to be a triple & a Harley-Davidson. I’m sure you remember also, the Brewers crushed the Expos 10-0.

    Let me know if you or Cappy need me to babysit any North Scottsdale hotties while youre away hitting the long ball.


    Glendale, AZ

  9. mortcin@sbcglobal.net

    200 more! My “Wild Turkeys” could use the HRs (fantasy BB). “How about Jenkins Journal”? Maybe that’s too formal. I did like Troy’s suggestion of “Jenkins Connects”. Keep swinging for the fences and mow ’em down when they try to take the extra base. Take care, Cathy – Milwaukee, wi

  10. eelsnyder2@yahoo.com

    low and in,high out,in and up .fastball middle in slightly down. 7 out of 10 times its how they pitch you.make them throw strikes more so lefties.righties take them the other way often.oh how about jenkins and the juggernaughts.

  11. flootfyre@yahoo.com

    Hey Geoff,
    Greetings from Boston!(I’m a Wisconsin Native though) Thanks to you and the rest of the Brew Crew I have a great and charismatic team to talk about with my east coast biased friends! I am a HUGE fan of you and the crew so I’m looking forward to a fun summer. My blog name suggestions are:

    Out of Left Field!

    Geoff’s Brew

    Geoff’s Brewer’s Blend

    From the BrewHaus

  12. mattj66@hotmail.com

    Hey Geoff,
    You are an amazing player! I have an idea for you blog name, how about “Geoffs RBI”

    RBI standing for Real Blog Incite

    just an idea, good luck with the rest of the season!


  13. kel81_99@yahoo.com

    Hey Geoff,
    I was at the game on Sunday, and it was so much fun to watch. I just have one question. What took you so long to get out of the dugout for your standing ovation? We were getting a little worried that you might not show.

    Anyways as far as names for your blog, how about……

    Cankles Connection 🙂

    or maybe Jenks’ Juice

    Oh well, keep up the great work!


  14. paperlouge@gmail.com

    CONGATULATIONS!! on your personal milestone, Geoff. The standing ovation was nice.

    I heard on local sports radio, the Brewers didn’t handle getting the ball back very well, though. It was a real hot debate here in Milwaukee and it sounds like that fan that caught it was kinda mistreated. Glad you got it back.

    Good luck and keep swingin’

  15. trapreiss@yahoo.com

    Congrats on your 200th homer Geoff, I was in the stands watching. I agree with the blog name Trade Mench Instead. I think it’s funny but realistic. I am all for keeping you as our #1 left fielder.

  16. johns@loadfti.com

    Jenks – I’ve been a Brewer fan for quite a while now and you’ve been my fav Brewer since you came up when I actually lived in Milwaukee. I live down in Charleston, SC but still follow all the games. Hang in there amigo and congrats on the 200th bomb. Johnny S from the IOP

  17. kalkjr02@uwgb.edu

    hey jenks.. just writing in to give you an idea for a name.. i’m thinking “Jenkin’s Jargon”

    if you want to reward me for my great idea, i’m a visiting team clubbie at miller park. haha

    keep up the great work,


  18. mgaieck@stu.matcmadison.edu

    geoff, i’m a big fan of you and the brew crew and i’m also a huge fan of favre and the packers. I have a question for you and it be cool if you could answer it on your next blog and it is whats it like looking so much like brett favre and when you were younger did people use to mistaken you for him on the streets? anyway your having an amazing year so far and you guys are alot of fun. I hope to see you guys playing in October. The whole state of wisconsin is behind you, we are thirsty for the post season!!!

  19. paulandmichelle2002@yahoo.com

    Keep up the good work, Geoff! Great offense and defensive work this year.

    Blog name idea: “The 5 Spot”

  20. ejp737@yahoo.com

    That was a sweet game last Sunday. I felt very honored to be there for the Geoff Jenkins Show. Congrats!

    Major props for the excellent “D” you’ve been displaying.

    How about Jawin’ With Jenks?

    Keep on swinging!


  21. derek@hirlpoo.com

    How about “Geoff’s Ge-oint” to play off the spelling of your name? I also like the “From the BrewHaus” idea too.

    Thanks for the show thus far, the only thing more fun than watching you guys is watching the city get fired up about baseball (and the only thing more fun than that is watching my four-year old fall in love with the game! Come back East soon, he’s mad that your games start after his bedtime. First thing out of his mouth in the morning is not “Good Morning” but, “Did the Brewers win last night?”)

  22. rfiese@charter.net

    Hey, Geoff, you guys are having a great year, I hope it lasts right up to the post season, you personnaly seem to be having an outstanding season so far, hopefully you will still be in Milwaukee if it does happen, do you think about if you do get traded? I hope not also would you be willing to take a smaller contractr to stay in Milwaukee.


  23. jennyjean78@yahoo.com

    Congrats on number 200 and a great year with the Brewers. How about a blog name of “GeoffsNotes”. You know, like CliffsNotes…
    Or maybe Ge-off in Left Field.

    Good luck with the rest of the season!


  24. etpaulsen@wisc.edu

    “Jenkins throws it home”

    I don’t think you need to hear congratulations again, but hitting 200 is pretty sweet. That being said, what do you say you hit 200 more?

  25. farve_4_more@yahoo.com

    Jenks great Game once again a Homerun, single, and not to mention that great D. But what are the chances of Yost moving you up in the order maybe 3 or 4. because when Hall is there(he wasn’t last night) He dosn’t produce and you seem to be one of the best hitters right now.

    Well keep it up!

  26. willyjjensen24@hotmail.com

    Geoff, wow what a season man! Your playing well, i just wanted to say that you guys are playing awesome, struggling right now but still in the lead by 5 games. Just remember that all of us fans are still behind you guys as a team. Keep it up. I’ll be their wednsday,May,30th,2007, in right field. Alrigth good luck the rest of the way, and Blog Name:Ge-offs Ge-oint. Later Geoff and good luck the rest of teh way!!

  27. jared.justman@sab.wels.net

    Hey, Geoff. Wow, it’s gotta be somewhat tense in the clubhouse right now with the recent bumpy stretch. I can tell everyone is trying their hardest to contribute, but almost too hard. Just keep pluggin’ away. I know you and the Crew will right the ship soon and there’s more good baseball around the corner. A side note with regard to Billy Hall… I don’t claim to be an expert, but I notice some of the little things watching you guys at home games and on TV. It could be just me, but it seems as though Bill’s plant (right) foot in his open batting stance seems to be planted an inch or two more off the plate than earlier in the season. I’ve also noticed that he’s making contact with very few outside corner pitches. Maybe it’s just mental or maybe it’s something as simple as moving that back foot in an inch to provide better coverage of the plate. I figure if that was the case, it would be a better suggestion coming from a guy like you or a batting coach than from me. Feel free to pass this on if you think it will help. Would love to see Bill get back to taking what they give him and hitting to the opposite field on occasion instead of trying to pull one out of the park everytime. LOOKING FORWARD TO MANY MORE BREWERS VICTORIES!!! GO #5!!! P.S. Nice pinch hit walk yesterday — patience is certainly a virtue–and I hope it’s contagious.

  28. justinwaggs2000@yahoo.com

    Jenks, first of all I would like to say congrats on your 200th homer, and for making that Twins game very exciting that day!! We would have got swept had you not been in the lineup that day!!! I also want to congratulate you and the entire team on an amazing start to the season and even though it’s been rocky, I know you guys will get it together and start to play more consistent! The team is very talented this year and you and the team and the fans have every reason to be excited!! I hear people talk about how the Brewers should trade you, and I always dissagree!! You not only have a huge bat(especially this year, not forcing anything) but your defense is unbelievable!!! I’ve always wondered why you have never gotten a gold glove yet, but hopefully you will be recognized by your defense as much as your offense someday! Thank you for putting this blog up so that fans like above me and myself can listen to what you have to say about how you and the team are doing, and allow us to give you are feedback! Thanks for being such a great Brewer and such a great guy!!! GO BREW CREW!!! AND GO #5!!!!

    Names: 1. Fastball with #5

    2. Meat (Meet) Jenks ( in reference to players who don’t respect your arm and try to run on you)

    3. Jenkin’s Jargin

  29. abuchild13@aim.com

    Don’t worry Jenks, you guys will pull through this. Every team has their bad streaks. It’s not like you guys haven’t been hitting the ball hard. You just keep hitting it right at the other team. No sweat, just keep hitting them and they’ll find a way through.

    -Five’s for Fighting

    -Left Field Lowdown

    -Fantastic Five!

    -G Jenks

    Haha that’s all I got


    New Berlin

  30. vvicjeff@sbcglobal.net

    Jenkin’s Junket sounds good to me. Keep up the great play this year. It’s been fun, even during this “little” slump. I got to hear your 200th. Would have been nice to have seen it it person. We may have the Packers where I live but the Brew Crew is where my alliance lies.


    Green Bay

  31. Steve

    Holy cow! Youkilis has 272 comments on his first post (as of this comment at least). Red Sox fans have way too much time on their hands! Don’t worry Jenks, I think it’s just that we Brewers fans actually have jobs and are contributing to society! 🙂

    Go Brewers!



  32. cathyg@catzeye.com

    Hi Geoff,

    How about:

    – Jenk’s ‘Gist

    – Tales from the Jungle

    – Tales from Jenkin’s Jungle

    My husband’s been a LIFELONG Brewers fan – since childhood growing up in Milwaukee in the 70’s. He’s been there for you guys 110%, through thick and thin.

    I’m a more recent convert. A So. Calif. native, I met my husband in ’97, attended my first County Stadium game in ’99, and have been hooked ever since.

    Now our 4-year-old son (Cooper) has proudly announced he’s not just going to grow up and be a baseball player, he’s gonna be a BREWER! 🙂

    We live in Nevada, and vacation annually to Milwaukee during baseball season. We were lucky enough to be there for 5 of the 10 home games at the beginning of May. What a high it was to be there at that time!

    You guys have HEART – and that’s something that all the money in Steinbrenner’s pocketbook can’t buy. I have COMPLETE faith that you’ll come through this rough patch and regain your momentum.

    Looking forward to what the rest of the season brings.


    Minden, NV

  33. brett_mulhall@hotmail.com

    hey jenks
    i saw you on st8up. great show. i like the crossword bit. keep up the great work! i know it’s early but i hope you come back again next year. some names for the blog could be:

    Kankles Corner.

    Brew it up.

    Jammin with Jenks

    have a great one dude!


  34. gastrackerrock@yahoo.com

    How about calling your blog “geoff-isms”??

    I’ve been following the Brew Crew since back in the days of Cecil Cooper, Yount, Molitor, and the rest of the early 80’s. I like the way the team is going now with Hardy, Fielder, and the other young guys, mixed in with some great vets such as yourself. I live in Tennessee but I’m as Milwaukee as the Fonz…

    Go get ’em!!!


  35. silverbullet06@earthlink.net

    west coast games were rough on you guys. i thought you guys played real well against san Diego, despite losing all 3 games. As long as you stay with the Brewers (which i hope will be for a long time) i dont think you’ll ever live down the fact that you do look alot like Brett Farve of the Green Bay Packers. Maybe you could name your blog “geoff spits it”. Keep up the good work.

  36. glurch@yahoo.com

    How about this:
    Jenks Thinks…

    I went to my first mlb game at Miller Park on May 30th. You guys have a lot to be excited about! Great job!

  37. jhardin@wi.rr.com

    Here’s a few ideas…

    Live from 5

    Live with 5

    Jenks of the Jungle

    …I hope your around for my boy to see you hit the long ball…Keep up the good work.

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