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Everybody around the Brewers, from players to fans, is getting pretty excited about the start we?ve had this season. But we know we still have our work cut out for us and that there?s a lot of season left.

It?s as much fun as I can remember having with this club. Before our current road trip we won nine of 10 games on a home stand. Nothing like that has ever happened in my previous nine or 10 seasons with the Brewers.

This is the best team that I?ve been part of. We?ve got a great mix of young talent with veteran guys. We expect to win. This is the first time in my career I can honestly say we come to the ballpark every day expecting to win.

It?s an attitude we haven?t had here since I?ve been in Milwaukee. It begins at the top with committed ownership, a great general manager (Doug Melvin) and assistant general manager (Gord Ash) who?ve put together the right mix of players and it works its way down from there.

The only thing that can stop us from contending this season is health. If we can keep everybody healthy this team has a great chance of not just getting to the playoffs but winning in the playoffs.

The great thing about our clubhouse is that mix of veteran and youth. We really don?t have any weak links on our team. Literally, the guys on our bench could start for a lot of teams. We have talent and depth. We have a few superstars but, overall, the big advantage we have over the course of a long season is going to be our depth. We have a lot of options.

It seems like we have a different hero every day. We don?t rely on one or two guys, which in turn means everybody feels like they?re part of it. Somebody steps up and does something to help us win almost every day of the week. We feed off of each other.

JenkshittingMost people realize we have excellent starting pitching with Ben Sheets, Chris Capuano, David Bush, Jeff Suppan and Claudio Vargas. But another one of our advantages is that in Derrick Turnbow and Francisco Cordero we have two closers we can rely upon at the end of a game.

These days when I go to the local Starbucks or Einstein bagels to have breakfast people are genuinely excited. They obviously haven?t had a winner in a long time and they want some new memories. They want to identify with a new team and a new era.

The fans seem to especially love the energy our club generates with the talented young players like Prince Fielder and J.J. Hardy and Cory Hart and Rickie Weeks and Billy Hall. They?re hungry, they?re talented and they work hard. All of them are no-nonsense guys who are extremely focused on getting the job done on the field.

I think the fans can sense this by the way they play and by the way they carry themselves. This is a pretty special group of players.

But as good as we?ve played in the early part of the season, I still think we can improve. There?s another level we can reach with our offense. Everyone is pitching in right now but nobody?s been on a real tear yet.

We?re still learning about one another and getting better as a team. That will equate to a lot more wins before it?s all over.

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  1. amader1642@yahoo.com

    maybe you should change the title of the picture of you hitting…just a thought.

    That said, I’m really excited about this season. You guys are really fun to watch! Keep up the good work!

  2. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca

    Hi Geoff:

    Welcome to MLB Blogging — bring it on brother!

    The Brew crew is looking good so far and your absolutely right about your teams pitching staff. The Cards made a big mistake by letting Suppan fly the coop…

    Hopefully, everyone stays healthy and you don’t get hit by the dreaded Zack Hample curse — commonly known as the “Hample Jinx!” Apparently, Gustavo Chacin of the Blue Jays kicked a ball out of Hample’s glove while he was trying to scoop up a ball during batting practice. This was a low blow by Chacin and Zack responded immediately by posting his photo on his MLB Blog to even the score. Big mistake by Gustavo. The Blue Jays can blame Chacin for the never ending list of injuries. All he had to do was fork over a ball for Zack but Chacin decided to play the villain!

  3. Reid

    You guys remind me of the Tigers last year – you’ve been playing the game better and you can tell just by watching that the team is really playing to win. I know what it’s like to play for a team that isn’t contending; you just get a different and stronger drive when you’re winning.

    Cordero has been amazing, and he’s less of a story than he should be right now. With the maturation of Weeks, Fielder, and Hardy you guys are looking at a great season. Keep up the good work.



  4. brewers2006@hotmail.com

    Hey Jenks…just want to let you know that I love ya and your doing great, was there at the home finale last year watching you and was so sad that we were going to lose you. In the offseason I was the biggest promoter that we should keep you and I am glad your still here because just as Robin Yount was the face of this organization during the 80s you are the current face of this team and I love it. I was born in 85 so I never got to experience the thrill of the playoffs like milwaukee got in 82 but this season so far is like living a dream and I hope it keeps going because what better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world series team by going back and this time winning it. Keep up the good work Jenks

  5. michael_olsen81@hotmail.com

    Hey Geoff,
    Just watched your Brewers Str8up show last night with my girlfriend (she loves the team as much as I do, who could ask for more in a girl?) It’s awesome to see how connected this team really is and how much fun you guys are having, probably as much as we are watching. Good luck with today’s crossword 🙂

  6. bigrygg@wi.rr.com

    It’s great that a Brewer finally has a blog! Welcome to the “family”. It’s also great that it’s you that has the first one, Jenks. True veteran leadership showing the youngsters how it’s done.

    Anyway, keep up the hot hitting and stellar defense. We’ll see you back at Miller Park on Friday!

    Adam “Big” Rygg

    Co-Host of the Brewer Nation


  7. abuchild@hotmail.com

    Hey Jenks!

    Keep up the great work in left field, you’re showing Doug Melvin and co. that you deserve an everyday start. And no matter what happens this season, we’ll all still love you and the Crew! Good Luck!

    Amanda-New Berlin

  8. debbie0413@gmail.com

    I agree with everything in your blog, and I’m one of your fans who is excited BECAUSE all of the guys on the team are excited and determined to continue with a winning season.

    Here’s a burning question that I and other fans may be wondering: have you ever figured out WHO on your team put the dead bird in your glove one day in spring training? All joking aside, I’m sure this is just one great example of the kind of comraderie that you and your teammates enjoy on and off the field.

    I’ll continue to enjoy following you and your teammates as I listen to and attend games all season long. Go Brewers!!!

    – Debbie from Milwaukee

  9. mugsinator@gmail.com

    Geoff, hey it’s Nicole Webber. I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I’d say keep up the great work. We’re so excited for you guys! Go Brewers!

    Nicole Webber Roberts

    Sacramento, CA

  10. mcfarland@insightbb.com


    You kick ***. You deserve to play on a winner. Show us the way this year.

    Peter MAC, Lexington, KY

  11. trapreiss@yahoo.com

    HI Geoff

    I am so excited that the team is having a fun and winning year. Better yet the team still has you. I enjoy watching you play and you will always be my favorite Brewer. Keep up the winning season and looking forward to the playoffs.

    Tracy South Milwaukee, WI

  12. Steve


    Welcome to blogging, Brewers style. I was pretty excited to see you were the new MLB Player blogger. You and the rest of the guys deserve the great press you are finally receiving. We have been waiting for a year like this for a long time and hope you are able to keep it up (minus the last 3 games of course). I have enjoyed writing about you guys so much this season, and look forward to continuing as the season progresses. You can check out what I have to say at http://mybrewers.mlblogs.com.



  13. steve.pfeifer@sbcglobal.net

    From one Cub fan…
    you guys look really good and I love the young talent on this team. You have great balance on offense and defense. If I were a Brewer fan, I would be concerned about Hall in center, but he seems athletic enough to learn the position relatively quick. It must be an exciting time to be a Brewer fan. Does this mean, I’ll have a tough time getting tickets now? I think there should be a rule. If you don’t go to the games when a team isn’t playing well, those who do go should receive priority on tickets. There are ways to keep track through purchasing records. Hey, in 2005 when the White Sox won the Series no one showed to the games until they realized they were for real. Suddenly I couldn’t get a good seat in the park. So a real baseball fan got shoved aside for the fairweather fans with the corporate connections. It’s their $ that helps contribute to the game I love, so I guess I just have to live with it.

    You guys are playing well, I would love to see you keep it up because I like the team. However, I wish you were in another division. I would never wish failure on anybody, so I guess I’ll just have to wish for the Cubs to play about.650 baseball from here on out. That should put them in the middle 90’s

  14. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca

    If the little Prince starts hitting like his father “Big Daddy” — watch out!

    I didn’t know that the rock star “Cory Hart” plays for the Brewers! He’s famous for the song about wearing sunglasses.

    I’m sure that uncle “Bud” is rooting for the boys of summer in Milwaukee.


  15. J

    Welcome to the world of blogging Geoff. The Brew Crew have an exciting team to watch. They’ve been some bumps the past week, but you guys are clearly the class of the division at this point in the season.

    Thanks for helping my fantasy team. As long as the Brewers are facing a right hander, you’re in the lineup.

    Good to see you having a solid start to the year!


  16. brett_mulhall@hotmail.com

    hey jenks
    i will see you friday night @ miller park, lets beat those twinkies. i’ll be sporting my USC jersey with your name on it. someday hopefully you can sign it. keep up the great work dude!

  17. milwgearjammer@aol.com

    This blog was a great idea, and I’m glad to see Geoff doing it! I’ve followed your career for a long time and can’t wait to see you getting some help in the lineup by being surrounded by other hitters of your caliber. Looking forward to your insights Geoff! Please tell us about what goes on before a game. Does Ned give you guys a talk before important series?

  18. grittysquirrels@yahoo.com

    Hey Jenks, great blog man, you’re a good writer. I just want to start out by saying that i have your bobblehead in my room…anyways, I have a pretty popular sports blog called The Sports Flow at http://www.thesportsflow.blogspot.com and you seem like you would be a great interview or guest writer. As a die-hard crew fan I was wondering what you would think about something like that when you have the time. Like when you’re not busy hitting HRs, making diving catches and throwing out punk cubs trying to take a base.

    Please come by and check the blog out and let me know what you think with an email please at thesportsflow@hotmail.com

  19. butch6857@yahoo.com

    Hi Geoff,

    Been cheerin? the Brewers on ever since they came to Milwaukee. Can remember when I was done with my paper route (back in the early 70?s) and would then take my bike to county stadium and get into the bleachers for $1.00 (never see that price again). Still recall cheering on players like Dave May, Mike Hegan, and Phil Roof. Since you probably get numerous emails I?ll try to be as blunt as possible.

    After reviewing the Brewers stats over the last 6 series (19 games) they?ve played it seems apparent that while Hardy, Fielder, and Gwynn seem to be on fire, both Weeks and Hall seem to be in a bit of a slump. Can?t help but wonder if having Weeks leading off, and Hall batting clean up, while they?re in this slump, is hurting the team (in the way of run production) more than it?s helping.

    Another suggestion often heard was to have you, Gwynn, and Mench in the outfield, and move Hall to 3rd base. While Counsell has an excellent glove, and a high fielding percentage, his ability at the plate seems to be inconsistent, and he?s not much of a long ball threat either.

    Assuming that we?re facing a right handed pitcher, the batting order suggested below could very well improve both O.B.P. (on base percentage), and run production for the team.

    1. Gwynn

    2. Jenkins

    3. Hardy

    4. Fielder

    5. Estrada

    6. Hall

    7. Mench

    8. Weeks

    9. Pitcher

    See ya’ in the series 🙂

  20. wubijess23@yahoo.com


    I was watching when you took your first cut with a wooden bat at County after you were drafted. I was there in June against Houston when you rounded 3rd too far and it cost you the rest of the year (very gruesome, I was very shook). I was there for the Jaime Wright 3 hit shutout against the Expos that saw you hit the 4th and 5th HR’s of your 5 HR’s in two days: Then got hurt in ATL the next series. I remember you getting one of your first meaningful hits off of a lefthanded pitcher (Dennys Reyes of the Reds). I’m about the same age as you, Geoff, and you have been part of my life (as the Brewers have ) for a good decade. You are long suffering as I. No one deserves this season more than you. I’m proud to say my 4 yr old son’s favorite player is Geoff Jenkins (without provocation or not even a little “brainwashing”). He picked a good one.

    Lets enjoy this!

    Hey! Can you please lay off the changeups at your hands and down and away? 🙂

    Mike in Milwaukee

  21. wubijess23@yahoo.com

    One more thing….

    Dream Lineup

    Hart/Gwynn RF

    Estrada C

    Hart SS

    Fielder 1B

    Hall CF

    Jenks LF

    Braun 3B

    Weeks 2B

    That is THE LINEUP. Nothing more to be said, Ned.

    Mike in The Heights

  22. steue4838@uwc.edu

    Jenk’s Your my Favorite Brewer. Keep it up Driving the Ball to Opposite field. Not Striking out as Much. Talk to Billy tell him to CLose his stance a little and he wnt strike out as much. Lets go and get on a streak here. Keep it up!! Go Crew!

  23. smmartin@chorus.net

    Hi Jenks,
    I feel the “bump in the road” has subsided and we will be okay. That was a rough roadtrip. Now lets get the Twins! Good luck tonight against Bonzer.

  24. capuanofan@yahoo.com

    hi Geoff, you are one of my favorite players (along with Cappy and JJ). You guys are doing so awesome. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to you guys coming to Arizona in August.
    I hope you guys beat Bonser tonight.


  25. Nick

    Jenks, great job so far this year! I’m glad to see not only another Brewers fan on the blogging sphere, but a player as well, that’s awesome! What is your biggest surprise this year so far? Mine would have to be how well Prince Fielder is hitting lefties. Also, do you know of anything new going on with Corey Koskie? Good luck against the Twinkies this weekend!


  26. skelc21@hotmail.com

    Geoff…a lot of people consider the All-Star break as the time that will define wether or not the Brewers are contenders or pretneders…is there any sense of that around the clubhouse? Or are you guys just trying to take each game one at a time?

  27. stevecc@charter.net

    Hi Geoff,
    I just wanted to say, I have followed the Brewers since they came to Miltown.I can only recall one other time,when everyone on the team were all SMILING and HAVING FUN.That alone gives Milwaukee the inside track to the playoffs.ATTITUDE ! it’s great to see that here.

    Secondly, where did you place your focus, when you were evaluating your struggles @ the plate last season. Whatever you did, is working.

  28. bruceadrian@hotmail.com

    Go git ’em this weekend. You guys haven’t had alot of success against the Twins recently and, being a Brewer fan in MPLS, I have a vested interest in the upcoming series. Do us proud up here!

  29. ogrehunter07@yahoo.com

    Geoff I remember watching you as a little kid with the Brewers. I’ve always loved you guys and am reallly happy to see the team doing well, also in my college we have many baseball rivalries, and so far, I’ve been able to win every argument. Go Brewers!

  30. lvjenks@yahoo.com

    Hey Geoff…You are the man!! Nobody deserves this year’s success more than you! Congrats on the new baby…your wife is a lucky lady!! Best wishes on a successfull season-you personally and the Brewers! You look nothing like Brett Favre..you’re much better looking!!!

  31. diamonddlr@hotmail.com

    Hey yo,

    sorry to be realistic, but anyone with brewers fever should now have brewers cold sweats.

    Ned Yuck should put Bill Hall at 3rd and Tony Gywnn jr. in center. Craig Clownsell and Tony GAFFinino are worthless, therefore, they should be cut or traded for a case of busch light.

    Ryan Braun needs to be brought up, along with Jose Cappellan.

    I was at 30/year in the late 90’s, therefore, i believe i have the right to be judgemental.

  32. diamonddlr@hotmail.com

    Hey yo,

    sorry to be realistic, but anyone with brewers fever should now have brewers cold sweats.

    Ned Yuck should put Bill Hall at 3rd and Tony Gywnn jr. in center. Craig Clownsell and Tony GAFFinino are worthless, therefore, they should be cut or traded for a case of busch light.

    Ryan Braun needs to be brought up, along with Jose Cappellan.

    I was at 30 games/year in the late 90’s, therefore, i believe i have the right to be judgemental.

  33. scuttlebutt.1@hotmail.com

    Hey Jenks, congrats on the the start of this season. I don’t want to sound like an ***, but the platooning seemed to help your consistency or is it just coincidence. Either way, I’m glad you’ve been able to stay a brewer for so long, the last few dry years has been still a joy to watch when we know your coming up to bat. p.s. please start a revolt in the clubhouse to flog the inherently bad “d-bo” and to oust the manager that calls him that? Not a bandwagon guy, not jumping ship, but with the new money and the vastly deep talent, maybe five or six seasons is enough for Yost’s try. With all of the categories we’re listed so high on, we still can’t solidify and prove the espn ***-moes wrong who say we’re ripe for the fall and another 500 or sub-500 season, come on. I’m sure that I have an idea of what you can and can’t say about the subject, but how many years of talent-laden teams and years of your power and good batting-sense are we going to throw in the trash for this guy who can’t figure out batting orders. Again, thanks for the effort and the years, keep it up and good luck.

  34. tnesemann@hotmail.com

    Yes, it is truely exciting to see you and the Brewers going into the tank just like every other year at this time. Over and over again. Year after year. We have been so excited thinking that this could be the year it all stops. Ya right. You are 0 for what? I would hate to see record without Hardy and Fielder. Thanks for the month and a half this year.

  35. steve.pfeifer@sbcglobal.net


    From one Cub fan…

    You don’t have a right to anything, but to sit you *** in your seat and shut up or cheer. $50 buys you a seat, not even a foul ball, just a seat. It doesn’t mean you can run out on the field or act like a drunk fool either. You can have your opinion but you have no entitlement to anything. Does that mean the guy who went to seventy games has more of a right than you? Calling up the younger players is not necessary. That’s why you’re at home and Yost is in the dugout.

  36. enocelot@hotmail.com


    Congrats on BIG NUMBER 200!

    Nice it came in a way that really counted too!

    Question: Do you think JJ and Prince’s fast HR start has been affecting the team’s swinging? I mean, through this slump it looked like everyone was swinging for the fences no matter the situation…

    Peace, and keep up the great work, from the biggest Brewer fan in Budapest!

  37. pn1999999@mg.com

    Great game today Geoff!! Keep up the intensity and we can and should win it all, it is your year!!!!!!!!!

  38. n_brewers@hotmail.com

    Dear Mr. Face of the Franchise,

    I hear there is a QB in Green Bay that looks a little like you….his name is Brett something. Keep on wrapping the old apple this year! Congrats on a great start to the year from all of us living around Damian Miller country. Great Game today!


  39. tlyon4937@yahoo.com

    hi im matthew i know your cousin trevor.we play baseball with each other.he plays for the giants i play for the reds.my team clinched first already but there team is doing good.o yah i think your team is going to have a good record.you have you,prince,ben,j.j,and thats all i know.keep up the great work and nice hitting 200!good luck!

  40. Rob


    Way to step up on Sunday. I’m especially happy to see that go-ahead RBI you hit by going with the pitch and taking it to left field. Hopefully that approach will rub off on some of the younger players.

    When everybody uses the whole field, this team is tough to stop.

    Gongrats again.

    South Side Rob

    Host of the Brewer Nation


  41. sabirtalib@sbcglobal.net

    Yo Little Jenks!:
    Good job my man, all of Rancho has your back. May the Almighty Bless you and keep you during your quest…and remember ALWAYS…ONCE A LANCER, ALWAYS A LANCER!!!

  42. kristins@primate.wisc.edu

    Hey Jenks!

    Great job yesterday vs. the Twinkies. You stepped in when we really needed you. I am glad to have you part of the Brewers organization. Keep hitting those homers!!! You rock!

  43. Mark

    I just saw your interview on ESPNews. You do bear a resemblance to Brett Favre. Good luck the rest of the year.

  44. jared.justman@sab.wels.net

    Jenks! Nice work on starting a blog. Congrats on your 200th HR! Looking forward to watching your next 52 homers to become #1 on the Brewers’ all-time list (at the expense of Rockin’ Robin Yount). It was great that you as a team “veteran” were able to carry our young team to victory yesterday! You and the Crew are fun to watch and it’s exciting for us fans. Let’s keep it brewin’!!! Want you to know that you are an office favorite around here. My assistant Patti and I voted at least 1000+ times for you in the 2003 e-Topps Final Vote for the All Star Game. Still bummed that you didn’t get to play! I’ve heard so many people comment on your batting throughout your history (as if they’re experts) but fail to recognize your superb defense — you are a true Gold Glover! Excellent job of handling position switches and staying positive through the tenuous times. You are a classy guy and a true hometown hero! Blessings throughout the season and “Keep Turnin’ Up The Heat”!!!…… J-ROD in ‘TOSA

  45. fitzgibbonpj@yahoo.com

    Dinger #200! Thata boy!

    You guys keep on doing your thing. We believe.

    -Bernie for President-

  46. Rob


    Your game Monday night against the Dodgers was much better than what the box score shows.

    The walk you drew in the 6th inning after falling behind 0-2 was the key to that 5-run 6th. Without that walk, had you made an out, at most, we would have had scored only one run that inning. Nobody (fans-wise) would ever spot that. That was a great job working that walk!!!

    Also, I’m glad to see you going with pitches out to left. I can’t remember but you hit at least one out there and you hit a smash to 3rd but it was right at the 3rd basemen. Keep up the great work and keep the boys loose.

    Continued success.

    South Side Rob

    Host of the Brewer Nation


  47. farve_9_more@yahoo.com

    Geoff You may not be the best player on the team but you are obvousily the leader and should be playign every day.

    Keep swinging for the fences!

  48. perlpa@bellsouth.net

    I was a tyke when I went to the Brewers first home game after Bud brought MLB back the Milwaukee, had just turned 21 when the Brewers went to the World Series in ’82, and now, 25 years later, I’m beginning to feel the magic again.

    Naturally, though, it isn’t really magic — it’s hard work, talent, clubhouse chemistry, a front office that knows what it’s doing, etc., that has the power to create a magical feeling.

    If not this year, then next. If not next year, then the year after — point being, a title is coming down the pipes. Can feel it in the air.

  49. milwaukeesampsonkacz@yahoo.com

    Hi Geoff,
    You are for sure my favorite Brewer. You have been with the Milwaukee Brewers since 1997, and you have always been a fan favorite. I have been a Brewer fan for my whole life and this is the first year where I finaly think this is the year, if the team stays heathly. Now talking about Prince Fielder, and Rickie Weeks, and Tony Gwynn Jr., I saw then all play in the Minors in Beloit for the Snappers, and little did I knew back then, that they would be the stars of the Milwaukee Brewers. If the Brewers make the playoffs I will be there for atleast one game, because I would never pass the chance to see my Brewers in the Playoffs, because the last time that happened was in 1982, and I was not even born yet. I remember when I went to my first Brewer game at old Milwaukee County Stadium, and seeing you there, and throughout all of the losing seasons the Brewers have had in the past years, you have stayed with the Brewers, and that is why you are the Brewers Fan favorite. Jenks keep the faith in the team, and stay heathly.


    From Madison

  50. chetheman2@yahoo.com


    Big thanks for saving the team’s butt in the Minnesota series. A sweep would have been tough. Even bigger thanks for (so far) sticking with the team for your whole career. I grew up watching career Brewers like Gantner and Yount or guys like Molitor that stuck with the team for extended periods of time. You don’t see it much anymore, but my hats off to anyone that shows a sense of team loyalty. I know the decision isn’t entirely yours, but I’m hoping to see you end your career as a Brewer.

    Best of luck this season,


    P.S. 9 more homeruns for 2nd all-time in Brewer history! I can’t wait to see it happen.

  51. bucksbeat@earthlink.net

    Hey Geoff. Sorry to hear the 200th home run ball guy was a jerk. Just remember that there are still fans that would give it back to you for a handshake.

  52. wubijess23@yahoo.com

    New name for blog:

    Fox Force Five (Pulp Fiction fans will like that one), The Five Spot, Geoff’s Journal, Jenks Journal, Jenks Jots, Geoff’s Jots, Can of Corn.


  53. karenwember@wi.rr.com

    Hi Geoff,
    I love the idea that you are asking the fans for help with your blog name! How about “Jenkins Ladder”? a place where us fans can log on and read about the ups and downs of the Brew Crew.

    Good luck! We are all with you!

  54. jnuggets@gmail.com

    Hey Geoff is the Beer really better in Milwaukee? In all seriousness, when the heck is Ned Yost going to come to his senses and give Tony Gwynn Jr. 500 AB’s?….This kid can hit the snot out of the ball. It’s in his genes.

  55. jnuggets@gmail.com

    By the way Geoff, I drafted you on my fantasy team, and you are really doing great, keep it up, and lead the Brew Crew to the promised land…

  56. tipton5@prodigy.net

    Hi Geoff,
    I just wanted to let you know that we are doing well. Karolanne threw a perfect game two weekends ago, and will be attending high school next year. Also, she was Athlete of the Year and will be up in the gym. Trevor will be going to middle school and is following in the family footsteps (playing allstars for RCLL)and doing very well. He has been pitching, playing ss, and 2nd, and outfield. Ryan is also doing well, he is going into 1st grade. He is getting big. We miss you and wanted to tell you congrats on becoming a daddy. I hope Jen is well. We missed seeing you when you came to town. We are very proud of you and love you. Call us when you get the chance.


  57. spice87@wi.rr.com

    I heard a rumor today that you might be getting traded Jenkins! If you get traded, I will stop being a Brewers fan!!!

  58. alevine@beaconschool.org

    Hey Geoff I don’t know if you are in to this sort of thing, but some friends and I are doing this fundraiser so that we can go to Indonesia to teach orphans baseball. We need about $9,000 dollars to get there. Fundraising has been tough, but maybe you could help us. I don’t live in Milwaukee anymore, but I do root for the Brewers as often as possible. It would be great if you or some of your major league friends would like to help out. If so than just e-mail me and we can talk more about this. Its a tax write off if you do donate, but if not maybe at least you could tell Prince about it or Carlos Delgado or somebody. Either way I’m sure I’ll see you and the crew down at Elsa’s some time and maybe we could have some wings and talk baseball. Continue the sucess, it’s always fun when the brew crew are doing well!!!!!

  59. alevine@beaconschool.org

    Hey Geoff I don’t know if you are in to this sort of thing, but some friends and I are doing this fundraiser so that we can go to Indonesia to teach orphans baseball. We need about $9,000 dollars to get there. Fundraising has been tough, but maybe you could help us. I don’t live in Milwaukee anymore, but I do root for the Brewers as often as possible. It would be great if you or some of your major league friends would like to help out. If so than just e-mail me and we can talk more about this. Its a tax write off if you do donate, but if not maybe at least you could tell Prince about it or Carlos Delgado or somebody. Either way I’m sure I’ll see you and the crew down at Elsa’s some time and maybe we could have some wings and talk baseball. Continue the sucess, it’s always fun when the brew crew are doing well!!!!!

  60. carguys13@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Geoff,

    You have always been my favorite Brewer. A few years back my store fixed your rim and tire on your Hummer and you took the time to chat with me I was impressed. Thank you for the moment something I have cherished and tell people about all the time. I, like yourself have lived through all the positives and negatives throughout your career and I think you have handled it all great, and you have selected the platoon thing like the real pro you are. You are a leader and a veteran and deserve the fruits of your labor (10 years) when you get to the playoffs this year. I hope you ae around to participate.

    No matter what always a great fan of yours.

    P.S. Watch the ball hit the bat!

  61. mblankstein@yahoo.com

    Hi Geoff,

    I’m sure our hitting coach tells you this all the time — hit the ball to all fields. Good things seem to happen when you wait on the ball and hit it to the opposite field — you seem to strike out less and still have good power. Although homers are great, we still need to just get on base and manufacture runs. Good luck the rest of the year.

  62. carguys13@sbcglobal.net

    Question? Who are we writing these comments too? I’m not real experienced with this stuff! Does Geoff read this stuff and answer because there are no comments anywhere from Geoff. Am I missing something? Could someone let me know. I’m not going to write to someone who doesn’t read this.

  63. johnwnicholas@hotmail.com

    Hey Geoff,
    I noticed you hadn’t found a new name yet for “Jenks’ Joint” so I thought I’d throw out another idea. How about “JenkInside” or “JenkInsider” combining both Jenkins and Inside(r) into one word?

  64. ronnierkt76@aol.com

    Congratulations on a great game last night. The young guys look to you for inspiration and you showed it last night. Keep it up! GO BREWERS!!!!

  65. poofdogg@hotmail.com

    Its great to see you hitting the ball better the last few days. I was wondering if maybe you can go back to some old school “California Love” as your music. You seemed to rake when you had that song. Keep up the good job GO BREW CREW!!!

  66. shawnyvs@hotmail.com

    I really hope you come back for the 2008 season. Your a great leader and player, and from what I see in the brewers. We will bring you a World Series Championship soon. Please stay!

  67. sarakaye@sbcglobal.net

    Just wanted to say I’ll miss seeing you play in a Brewers uniform. I just read the article on the Brewers homepage that said you’d like to come back to the Brewers in some capacity in the future and I hope you do. Good luck to you and hopefully we’ll get to see you play at Miller Park – even if it’s for another team.

  68. mpclark1@gmail.com

    I will miss you my friend. Thanks for sticking with the Brewers through all the tough years. You will certainly dominate in another city and I will be watching. Good luck.

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